IMPORTANT: Before clicking the BOOK HERE button, you must select all the accommodations you would like to reserve at this step (Refugios, cabins and campings). When you have selected all services you may click it and go to the next step.
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IMPORTANT: If you reserve meals, they will automatically be multiplied by the number of nights booked.
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Reservation requests

1. All reservation requests, changes, and cancellations must be submitted by email , in case the booking was made through our website please contact us to, or write directly on our customer support chat on the web site through our website

2. The request will be answered via email and a confirmation number will be enclosed. This number must be clearly indicated on
the tour operator's voucher, which will be requested during check-in at the mountain refuges.

3. once the customer receives the reservation confirmation, it will be considered accepted unless the customer requests corrections or changes to the confirmation.

4. Reservation confirmations will be sent within 24 hours if they include programs or services provided entirely by Fantástico Sur. For programs including third-party accommodations, the term may exceed these 24 hours, in this case depending exclusively on the response of the accommodation provider.

5. Reservations of up to 9 passengers will be considered as individual bookings and for 10 or more as group bookings.

6.Any confirmation of availability in writing or via telephone is not considered to be a confirmation of reservation. Therefore, Fantástico Sur will not be held responsible for claims due to any confirmation not in writing that was provided by a tour operator based on information regarding availability.

7-Entry and navigation tickets included in the program will be given out at the Puerto Natales oce. There is no refund for unused
tickets or other services.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to bring your own sleeping bag and save USD $5, you must state so upon booking. This discount will be applied for each night you book at Fantástico Sur’s mountain refuges and/or fully-equipped campsites. NO REFUNDS OR DISCOUNTS will be made in the mountain refuges and campsites subject to this discount.

Payment and cancellation policy

1. Full payment of the reservation must be made within 5 days after receiving the confirmation. If the payment is not made by this deadline, the reservation will be canceled automatically.
2.Fee-free cancellations periods are the following

Individuals: 1-9 people, 31 days before check-in.
Groups: 10 or more people, 61 days before check-in.

3. Payment must be made in the previously confirmed currency, and proof of deposit sent to your booking agent, indicating the
name on the reservation, code, and check-in date.

4. If a passenger does not show up on the check-in date at the reserved lodging, the stay and services will be charged and billed
in full (NO SHOW). If the reservation was tax exempt, a taxes (VAT) National Invoice will be issued. For Fantástico Sur’s refuges
and campsites, check-in is at 3:00 pm and check-out is at 9:00 am.

5.The costs of any commissions or fees for paying via bank transfer are the exclusive responsibility of the customer, who must

ensure the total amount confirmed by Fantástico Sur is paid. Likewise, in case of refunds due to cancellations or changes, the

customer will be responsible for paying any commissions from the bank or other payment systems. Fantástico Sur will only
assume responsibility for cases that are the entire responsibility of Fantástico Sur.

6-There will be no refunds if the case does not comply with our commercial terms and conditions set in this pricing policy.

1-Campsites: Children under 10 do not pay for the campsite but do pay for meals and equipment such as sleeping bag, liner,
and sleeping pad (1 child per adult).
2-Mountain refuges: Children under 3 sharing a bed with one of their parents do not pay for the bed but do pay for meals and
equipment such as sleeping bag, liner, and sleeping pad (1 child per adult).

Payment and cancellation policy Free

  • For groups of more than 15 passengers, campsite or refuge lodging for the 16th person is free (the free person has the same
           reservation code as the rest of the group).
  • The 16th person receives a free bed or campsite. Meals, equipment, or additional services are not free.
  • The free policy only applies to a lodging reservation. It does not apply to programs.

Corkage fee

  • Bringing drinks for consumption inside the mountain refuges is not permitted. For wine, a corkage fee must be paid per bottle.
  • Terms and conditions
  • Per person rates in USD are exempt from VAT and only apply to international guests that meet the exemption requirements.
  • Exemption does not include campsites or equipment.
  • Per person rates in CLP include VAT and are exclusively for Chilean nationals.


  • Advertising is not allowed inside Cerro Paine Reserve and its facilities or natural areas (unless previously authorized).

Opening dates season  2019-2020:

Camping Central  and El Frances: 01 September to  30 April 

Refugio Central: 15 September to 30 April

Refugio Torre Norte: 15 October to 31 March 

Sector de El Chileno: 01  October to 30 April  

Sector Frances: 15 September to 30 April

Refugio and camping  Los Cuernos: 01 October to 31 March .

Cabins Los Cuernos:  21 October to 31 March .

Sector Seron : 01 October to  31 March .